About Us

brand established 2020


 For over 25 years our family has studied the unique species of flora along the arid coast of southern Africa. One-of-a-kind herbs grow here that have been used by the traditional folk as medicinal remedies for over three hundred years. The cape aloe is harvested using a centuries-old craft that protects the plant, the ingredient, and the livelihood of the harvesters. It also ensures that our ingredients are free from cosmetic fertillizer, toxins, and pesticides.

 Our aim is to protect this wild landscape and the traditions of the folk while bringing their healing remedies to the world.



Our superfoods ingredient commitment

wild-harvested, vegan, no GMO, no BSE/TSE, no pesticides, no toxins, no testing on animals


Our cosmetic products ingredient commitment

No Parabens



No Sulphates

No Petrolatum

No Silicones

No Mineral Oils


No testing on animals



 In partnership with the Cape Aloe Movement, we actively participate in unlocking the value of traditionally harvested indigenous aloe for all the participants in the value chain. Because of the unique traditional commercial practices in the Cape Aloe region, the traditional commercial tappers are inherently included in the value chain. They harvest and supply the raw material on a fully commercial basis, and benefit directly from existing business as well as an increase in demand. ​

We purchase raw material from traditional commercial harvesters (tappers) registered in the Traditional Tapper Register (TTR) that have a proprietary interest in the Cape Aloe Movement. This ensures that not only do they benefit from direct trading, but they share in the brand equity and brand-related income generated through royalties.


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